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Out With The Old & In With The New You

Whoever said being healthy is boring, hasn’t had a dose of lifeLAB in their lives yet! At lifeLAB we focus on you: your health, wellness and ability to bounce back… from anything! With a team of experienced medical professionals, including a general practitioner, paediatric nurse and somatologist, we’re well-equipped to serve everyone: from little people to senior citizens who have a zest for an even longer, and more meaningful, life.

Medical Services

General Practitioner
Hormone Balancing
Paediatric Nurse
And More!

Intravenous (IV) Drips

Vitamins & Supplements
Detox Cocktail
Anti-ageing Cocktail
Hangover Cocktail
And More!

At lifeLAB, we don’t only treat the illness, we treat YOU. We practice in a calm, welcoming and accommodating atmosphere that puts you at ease, and inspires you to start living your life to the fullest. From the sports fanatic looking for improved performance, to the person interested in becoming more fit, we can treat and assist you to achieve your fitness goals. Looking for an energy boost? There’s a drip for that.